Noticed: Joys for the Grown-Up Season

By Regina Connell.

The season for grown-ups is coming into its own: a new book by a favorite author and a few other pieces that have come across our collective radars.

While I’m not quite through my summer fascination with spies and moles, I’m excited to see a new book out by Edmund de Waal—a follow up to one of my favorites, The Hare with Amber Eyes. Entitled The White Road: Journey Into An Obsession, it’s a narrative history of porcelain and de Waal’s enduring relationship with it. Given his exquisite prose and ability to articulate the relationship of body, mind, and soul with material and craft, I’m looking forward to this one. Hits our shores in early November.


Image by Andres Pasquali, via the BBC

The Making of Sea Silk. Image by Andrea Pasquali, via the BBC


An interesting and heart-tugging piece picked up in a few places about the last woman who makes sea silkbyssus—has me thinking. How many crafts have been lost, how many died out this year alone? And, heretically, does it matter? Do all crafts have to be retained forever? I think I’ll explore this one. But in the meantime, take a look at this piece and at least embrace what the weaver, Chiara Vigo, has on her door: “Haste doesn’t live here.” Words to live by.


Pot Strainer from Jonathans Spoons

Pot Strainer from Jonathans Spoons


Rare is it that I do a big product shout-out, but when a smartly designed piece of handcrafted work comes my way, I absolutely must. The Pot Strainer from Jonathan’s Spoons, is beyond genius. Much easier than a colander for straining pasta and veggies, the cherry wood strainer even has two little knobs that help you hold it against the pan, and even support the water-filled pan so you can focus on keeping your face out of the steam. Now isn’t that nice? But mind you keep it out of the dishwasher: treat your wooden implements right and they’ll take care of you much better.

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