Lee & Lou: Pulled Pork + Lou’s Slaw

By Lee & Lou Havlicek.
Lee & Lou Cook.


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Lee & Lou: Pulled Pork + Lou's Slaw

It’s tough to go a summer without barbecue in this country. A summer without barbecue is basically no summer at all. Has anyone ever pulled it off? Actually, don’t answer that. We don’t even want to know what that’s like.

Discovering incredible barbecue places often takes some hunting. Sometimes, it takes you down roads next to signs that say “Manville” and “Free Dirt” (actually), other times it takes you an hour-plus out of your way, even when you’re sort of in a rush and have already eaten a full meal recently enough that your pants are already kind of uncomfortably tight.

Lee & Lou: Pulled pork

But making incredible barbecue is another level of commitment.

We already knew that a great barbecue sauce would be the key to a great pulled pork sandwich—not to give the pork short shrift. So-tender-and-juicy-it-falls-apart pork is basically the highest form of meaty glory, as far as we’re concerned. The pork is, of course, really important. But a good cut of meat does a lot of the work for you so long as you’ve got the basics down. As you’ll see, once you have the rub and the technique, you’re golden. (Don’t forget you’ll also need the best buns you can get your hands on.) But barbecue sauce is more complex. First off, we’ve never really found one that we were completely and utterly crazy about. And if that’s not the way you feel about a barbecue sauce, it’s obviously not the right sauce.

What you want out of a barbecue sauce is nothing short of a deep, respectful love. You have to have something so mouthwatering that it’s basically addictive. Just smelling it should never be enough, but once you do, you have to try it…

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Lee & Lou: Cabbage Slaw for Pulled pork


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