Lee & Lou: Nectarine Buttermilk Ice Cream

By Lee & Lou Havlicek.
Lee & Lou Cook.

This week, we brought out the the real stunner: nothing says summer like ice cream, especially if that ice cream is melting so fast that it’s all over your face/hands/toes (#Flip-flipWoes), and especially especially if that ice cream is homemade and packed full with bite after bite of ripe, seasonal summer fruit.

Nectarine Ice CreamThis recipe combines three things we’re crazy about : ice cream (duh) + nectarines + buttermilk.

We don’t know how to put this without sounding like we’re just spurting hyperbole, so we’ll keep it simple: this ice cream is insane. It’s so good that there is actual silence in our kitchen when we’re eating it. You may not realize how rare that is, but…it is. In a perfect world, we’d just walk around with this ice cream in our mouth at all times, but after a brief poll of our friends, we learned that continuously having ice cream in our mouths might be considered “gross” by others. Whatever.

Nectarine Ice CreamIce cream is one of our very favorite foods, but seasonal ice cream flavors always score highest on our love-o-meter. As we roll through summer and all the corresponding produce that pops up in turn, we’re always looking to use everything up before they disappear again. We wait all year long for these guys, so we want to eat them up in every way possible while they last.

Nectarine Ice CreamWe’re happiest eating these ingredients when they’re not buried in a dish. Simple is best when you really want to celebrate an ingredient—that means letting it shine and not overcooking it into oblivion or burying it in competing or heavy flavors. Fruit ice cream can be one of those foods where the flavor you were hoping to get is actually pretty hard to taste. Often, it tastes more like cream than fruit. It’s rare to find one where we think WOAH, this tastes like it’s packed with (for example) the most nectarine-y nectarines. But that’s what you want when you get nectarine ice cream, right? You want it to taste like nectarines! Imagine that. So sometimes, we have to take matters into our own hands. All you need is a solid recipe and produce that’s really good, actually ripe, and super fresh. This ice cream recipe is perfect for getting phenomenal clarity of flavor—it’s creamy but not as heavy as other ice creams: no eggs—just cream, milk, and cream cheese (with a little help from a couple other ingredients). We have the Jeni of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams to thank for the recipe inspiration! (Her ice creams are unbelievable.)

Nectarine Ice CreamNectarine Ice CreamWe like to put recipes on this site that include ingredient showstoppers for us: things that if we see them in the store, in a dish, on a menu—we’re done. No more perusing necessary. There are some ingredients that just make a meal for us, no matter what else is going in. Nectarines and buttermilk are two of those ingredients for us, but together, they’re somehow even better…

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