18138724380_8d15896391_z The New Luxury: The Thing About Things.

By Regina Connell. At long last, I’m weighing in on the unlikely book that blew the minds of publishers everywhere: a book from a little known (in the West, at least) Japanese home organization consultant. I’m of course talking about … Continue reading

Noticed This Week: Our Favorites.
Lee & Lou: Cold Brew Coffee Granita.
Summer’s End + the Pleasures of Fall.

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Summer Beauty Woes: Congested Skin.

image courtesy of de Mamiel

By Megan Schwarz. Seed to Serum It’s hot, you’re sweating, and before you know it —bam! Breakouts. Just when you thought you had a great routine going, unexpected congestion rears its (literally) ugly head. Don’t fret! I’m here to help … Continue reading

Noticed This Week: Our Favorites.

Image by Andres Pasquali, via the BBC

By Regina Connell. The season for grown-ups is coming into its own: a new book by a favorite author, a design festival that meets our standards, and a few other pieces that have come across our collective radars. While I’m … Continue reading

Lee & Lou: Garlicky Lemon Shrimp Boil.

Shrimp Boil

By Lee & Lou Havlicek. Lee & Lou Cook. As summer comes to a close this week, we find ourselves not only trying to squeeze in a few more go-arounds of our favorite things from Summer 2015, but also trying to top ourselves in … Continue reading

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