Come Rock Crystal Jewel Box DxV: Christophe Come.

Regina Connell. Christophe Côme makes virtuoso show-stopping pieces that bring together art deco and modern, with touches of industrial, typographical and even printed circuit board design. A high point of the work I saw at the recent FOG fair in … Continue reading

What is Luxury? The V&A Explores….
Lee & Lou: Spring Frittata with Charred Ramps.
Bursting the Maker Bubble: Part 3.

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Virtues of Craft: The Impact of Artisans With Vision.

"Milano," image courtesy of Brian Gretch

By Kyle Studstill.   There is a blog called But Does It Float that has been running for about 5 or 6 years. In each post, one of three curators simply pairs images from online archives of visual art with a poetic … Continue reading

Bursting the Maker Bubble: Part 3.


By Regina Connell. Last round, we talked about what’s really changed since this latest maker fetish began. There was the rise of the conscious consumer; a new focus on identity and making known the identity of the artisan; the rise … Continue reading

What is Luxury? The V&A Explores….

Dominic Wilcox Skipping Stones

By Regina Connell. Given the interest in what we’ve been calling alternative luxury, I was delighted when I heard a few months ago that London’s Victoria and Albert Museum was going to be doing an exhibit on the much-maligned “L” … Continue reading

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The New Luxury: Secret Objects