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Meet Anne Stericker, an old friend/a new contributor to Handful of Salt/LA.  (Hi, Anne. How do you do.) It’s her fabulous images you’ll see, and her great intel on the DesignCraft scene in the City of Angels. More about the lovely Anne in the Who We Are section, and (since we inflict this on everyone who contributes to Handful of Salt,) here are the ten things that define her! Enjoy.

1. Coffee.  Especially independent coffee. I love everything about the independent coffee shop experience…the unique atmosphere, the too-cool-for-anyone baristas, the constant smell of roasted beans being ground, the feel of the ceramic cup in my hands, the music, the art, the furnishings. One of my favorites is Jones Coffee Roasters in Pasadena.  I discovered them while on a self-designed coffee safari.

2. Food/coffee safaris. My sister and I grew up in a small town in the Midwest.  No surprise, unique and well-prepared food options were scarce.  Now we live in L.A.  (cue angel choir).  We research a food or coffee theme of the moment (best coffee, food trucks, bakeries, vegan) and then plot our itinerary.  Sometimes we end up in, how-do-I-put-this-nicely, some up-and-coming parts of town, but that’s part of being on our safaris.

3. My sister. Amy is not only one of my best friends, but she is also one of the wisest, most intelligent, organized and inspiring influences in my life.  Whether she is baking a red velvet cake from scratch or researching the latest health information, my sister is a great resource and support.  Plus, she made me an auntie of the two cutest kids on earth!

4. Responsible consumption. Slow-food. Re-purposed items. “Green” living. CSA.  Natural. We are spinning in circles in our lives more than ever, and everything listed above can help us slow down, think, reflect, enjoy, and appreciate.  Knowing where your food/clothing/

appliance/furniture came from, who touched it between the first point of processing to it coming into your possession is an eye-opening experience for most of us… and one that is easy to ignore.  I love – frightening and depressing, but so so necessary.  BTW, I am an advertiser’s dream AND I am far from leading a low-consumption life, but I am happy to notice that I consider certain factors now before buying something…and sometimes, I decide against making the purchase because of that.  It’s progress.

4. Walking. Everywhere. Okay, not everywhere, but as often as possible.  I moved to Boston in 1995.  I walked a lot.  My car was stolen in 2002; I walked even more.  Then I moved to LA… I drive all the time, but I still make a stubborn effort to walk as many places as possible.  Today I had an appointment 1 mile from my house.  I walked.  It was perfect.

5. Practical objects of “art”. A beautiful pitcher, a simple crystal wine goblet, a door knob etched with an elegant decoration, Mason jars, clothing, a glass soap dispenser.  If it is pretty and useful, I probably will love it.

6. Matchbooks. I have, I must say, and impressive collection of matches from around the world.  I love it because they are free souvenirs that are a record of the cities and restaurants I’ve visited in my travels.  Plus they are practical and pretty.  So pretty (see picture).  My favorite: Otto Restaurant (Sydney) because it’s Sydney, and I spotted Hugh Jackman there.  Sigh.

7. Urban travel. Paris. London. Berlin. Rome. New York. San Francisco. Montreal. Seattle. Sydney. Melbourne. Madrid. Paris. Paris. Paris.   I went. I loved.  Vancouver.  Buenos Aires.  Cape Town.  Vienna. Barcelona. Hong Kong.  Quebec City. Tokyo. I wanna go.  I will love.

8. Tetris. I read earlier this year that it is good for your brain.  I downloaded it onto my phone, and now I am obsessed.  Is it good for your brain to be obsessed with something?  I don’t think so.

9. Tabloids. I know… ick.  And YUM!  You are all wondering how girl-who-promotes-Story-of-Stuff can spend money on that trash.  I’ll tell you:  I don’t.  (Okay, except at the airport.)  Most of the time I am reading them for free while I wait in the check-out line (is that wrong?) or when getting my nails done (guilty pleasure, part deux).  But also, I don’t read the gossip.  I don’t! I just read them to see the latest fashion and how it looks on real people (such as Ashley Simpson and Jessica Alba).

10. Sugar I. love. sweets.  Caramel is my favorite. Then toffee.  Milk chocolate.  Dark chocolate. Krispy Creme “hot now” donuts. Shortbread.  M&Ms. Red Vines. The occasional vanilla cupcake.  Chunky ice cream. Every warm baked good.  I limit my intake, but NOT because I want to.

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