The Big Picture: Deep Craft

By Regina Sarnicola.

San Francisco is never at a loss for galleries, studios, and destinations to bring together local industries, community members and creative-minded people.

Image courtesy of Storefront Lab

StoreFrontLab is shaping up to be another haven for artists and community-oriented thinkers. Launched in September 2011 and located in the Mission district, this temporary studio and gallery has begun offering programs and residencies for eight grant recipients chosen to develop proposals that explore the idea of a storefront as a place of community, inspiration and industry.

The eight winners of StoreFrontLab’s Micro Mission 888 Grants were announced in July and were each given $888 (the number refers to Chinese numerology and is considered a lucky combination; the number 888 connotes fortune and prosperity) to be used for their projects. These events will last anywhere from one day to one month through July 2013.

The eight proposals will cover a wide array of interests and themes with something for all ages to enjoy and take part in, ranging from an evening of short films to a one-day music event.

 Started on July 23 and running until August 12 is Deep Craft Atelier, the first installation of the eight winners featuring hand-made items fashioned during the three week residency and sold over three consecutive Saturdays. A percentage of sales will benefit Seven Teepees, a StoreFrontLab neighbor organization supporting youth.

Deep Craft is rooted in artist Scott Constable’s thinking about design and making. Scott’s endeavor began as a way to build a community around the making of “beautifully sound products.” Some of Scott’s work includes long boards, furniture, and clothing as well as installations such as a miniature golf course in Hayes Valley fashioned for the SF Arts Commission.

Scott is also currently making furniture for SHED, a community learning center for sharing know-hows of gardening, farming, food crafts and other sustainable living.

Also featured is Deep Deck, a solid-wood long board Scott formed from reclaimed California woods. Deep Deck reflects the Deep Craft ethos of environmental stewardship and community-scale production that the StoreFrontLab residency was dreamed up to celebrate.

In true spirit, other artists and collaborators have also been invited to participate in ‘micro-residencies’ alongside Deep Craft during their three week residency.

Following Deep Craft will be Post-car Travel Agency starting on August 17, educating the curious about the possibility of car-free vacations and offering a selection of related resources.

For a complete list of featured proposals and events:



337 Shotwell Street, San Francisco (DeepCraft Atelier open August 4 and 11, from 10-4)






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