The Artisans on All Things Artisanal

All Things Artisanal features the best artisanal products, and makes it easy to connect to the artisans who make them. Many of the artisans on All Things Artisanal have been profiled on Handful of Salt. Find out more about your favorites here. And then, stick around to explore. You never know what, or who you’ll find on Handful of Salt.

Think someone is missing from either Handful of Salt or All Things Artisanal? Let us know.

Brandon Morrison, Whyrhymer

Sara Paloma

Jered Nelson

Erica Tanov

McEwen Lighting

John Liston

Heather Palmer

Marcus Papay


Kelly Jones/Wraptillion

Rae Dunn

Mandy Aftel, Aftelier

Mark Goudy

Elisa Bongfeldt

Varian Designs



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