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DxV: David D’Imperio

By Regina Connell. If you’re in the market for quiet, restrained lighting, the kind that just glows politely, adding ambiance and functionality, stop reading. Because David D’Imperio does not make that kind of lighting. He designs and creates limited edition … Continue reading

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DxV: Erin McGuiness

By Regina Connell. Then there’s the work of sculptor/ceramist Erin McGuiness. Erin, who works out of a studio in the Sawtooth Building in Berkeley, California’s Artisan District, creates graceful, substantial, and bold totemic sculptures that feel both Asian and African … Continue reading

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Beauty in All Things: Japanese Art & Design@MAD

By Regina Connell. Why is Japanese design such an inspiration to so many? Ask a creative (a designer, architect, artist, craftsperson, or the like) and this is the typical response: a little sigh, a slight eye-rolling, followed by profoundly unhelpful … Continue reading

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Profile: Deborah Ehrlich

By Regina Connell It sometimes happens this way. I first heard about glass designer Deborah Ehrlich through her husband, master wood artist Christopher Kurtz. He spoke so glowingly of what she did, so movingly about her process, and how her … Continue reading

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