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Profile: Florian Roeper

We are mutts, most of us, aren’t we? We’re a little of this, a little of that. And that’s why the concept of purity is both seductive (we love what we are not), and alien. Dangerous, even. (Dear God, where … Continue reading

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Noticed: Joseph Leroux

By Regina Connell. Oh we do love novel materials, don’t we? Some composites here, some 3D printing there. Maybe even some pennies (from heaven). How about straight pins? You know, the ones used by seamstresses, are stepped on by bare … Continue reading

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Profile: Peggy Loudon

Sometimes, objects deafen you with their silence. Walking around at a juried crafts exhibition, there was, as usual, a good deal of visual stimulation (some good, some, well, just ok). And then, suddenly, I had one of those movie moments … Continue reading

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