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DxV: Silvia Song

DxV: Silvia Song

By Regina Connell. This isn’t the most politically correct thing to say but craft work—making—tends to break down along gender lines. In general, textiles seem to a woman’s “thing.” Metalwork and glassblowing: mostly a male “thing.” Ceramics: a little more … Continue reading

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Noticed: Silvia Song

Indigo dyed bowls

By Regina M. Connell. I’ve been going through a phase recently where the minimal has been appealing to me a little less. I want things a little more baroque, so to speak (not fully but a little more in that … Continue reading

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Profile: Christina Kim


By Coralie Langston-Jones. (Editor’s Note: To call Christina Kim of Dosa a clothing designer just doesn’t do her justice. Yes, she’s that, but she’s also a thinker, maker, entrepreneur, artist, and social activist. We love her sense of humanity and … Continue reading

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Noticed: Boro

Kathryn Clark Atlanta Foreclosure Quilt

By Kathryn Clark Are you seeing blue patchwork everywhere these days? It all goes back to the Japanese. Boro, meaning “rags” in Japanese, are patched and mended farmer textiles found throughout rural Japan. Many of these textiles were made with … Continue reading

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