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Places We Love: Concreteworks

By Danielle Sabalvaro. Just add water, and you’ve got a material that’s adaptable, beautiful, and sustainable–a winning combination for an age-old material. From bathtubs to bar lounges, the Oakland, California-based Concreteworks is known for thinking big and changing how people … Continue reading

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The Craft of the Market: Renegade Craft Fairs

By Regina Connell. Craft fairs and shows vary widely. There are street fairs. There are arts and craft shows. There are even holiday bazaars. Some can bore and depress you with their sameness or dodgy quality. Some can make you … Continue reading

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Profile: John Whitmarsh

By Regina Connell and Natalie Powell. Funny, he doesn’t look like an iconoclast. There’s no wild-eyed look, no unhinged affect; there’s not even a hint of that intensity that can make a person go from intriguing to frightening in the … Continue reading

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Profile: David Colwell

By Meghan Urback. This fall, students at California College of the Arts (CCA) have the privilege of working with furniture designer David Colwell from the UK.  Colwell joins the CCA community for a few months as a visiting scholar and … Continue reading

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