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Have a story or project you think is worth sharing? We’d like to hear about it.

We’re growing fast, and our readership already includes many influentials in the worlds of craft and design. We’re the go-to place for the latest on craft-based design and design-based craft, whether it’s objects and accessories, clothing, or (in the near future) food and drink. We love to discover great people, fresh work, and new ideas.

Here are our ground rules:

  • Pieces/news submitted should be less than 1 year old. The more recent, the better!
  • Please provide us with some descriptive (and process) text, along with a selection of jpeg images to go with your piece
  • Images should be 300  dpi with dimensions of 600 x 400 pixels. We prefer images in landscape orientation.
  • This one is obvious, but please only submit work to which you own the intellectual property rights. In addition, please provide us with the appropriate photo credits and full copyright details.

By providing submissions to us, you confirm that you agree with the above terms.

Send your submissions to Submissions [at] handfulofsalt [dot] com

Thanks for sharing your work with us. We look forward to reviewing your submissions.

2 Responses to SUBMISSIONS

  1. Eider Fiedler de Mello says:

    Loved finding your sight..or having it find me might be better..for the life of me I can’t remember how it came to be part of me. I will seek enough help to submit my work to you in the format you requested. I am not participating in this realm as well as would best benefit the spreading of my vision. I am more Outsider, Raw Vision type of guy..hope you know those references. My world is art, design, collaborating and sharing. Along with my adult son and daughter, my world, “Eiderama” and my home studio “Galleria de Mello”…speak of some of the words you have in Handful of the name!

    Till I can push into you world of a higher level of sharing via jpegs and 300 dpi landscaped might find a moment in your fun filled fast pasted or not world to do a “GOOGLE” search of ” Eiderama” and my name. I could say I do Wabi Sabi Shot Gun Art…it is at times explosive ( not real explosives mind you, at least not yet!) it goes out in it’s own fun way to those that it touches. or search out my name…favorit article on me to date is Bouncing Bungee Barbie in Bondage Eider de Mello.

    I feel I live on the edges of artist connectivity and success…I ask myself…when does one succeed. I have succeeded…I do ART!

    I hope for a short reply of acknowledgement in so much as to say..” Hey Eider! Do More Art!” I know sounds dorky..sorta me!


    Eider de Mello

  2. Kathleen Kracy says:

    I read the story on Nancie Mills she is a remarkable woman and very beautiful. She is an inspiration to all artists. I am sure her mosaics reflect the grace and charm that defines her. Thank you for the story.

    ps. I am proud of my sister

    thank you,

    Kathleen Mills Kracy