Heath Ceramics SF

Ah Heath, we’ve loved you for a while. Ever since we set foot in your Sausalito factory store years ago, our wallets have been a little lighter and our homes a little more beautiful. In recent years, all friends getting hitched have received Heath. We even started feeding the cat (yes, we know, the luckiest, most coddled creature in the world) on a little square Heath dish (hey it’s the perfect size, is almost indestructible and was a factory second.) Now, however, the sound of a Heath plate being removed from the cupboard prompts a prolonged period of feline frenzy. This is unfortunate (for both us and the cat), since not all food served on Heath plates is meant for feline consumption.

Heath Ceramics is also a huge inspiration to us, with their commitment to manufacturing in the Bay Area (yes, everything is made in Sausalito), support of craft in general (by featuring selected artisans) and, of course, lovely, simple, functional design.

So we were thrilled when they opened their first store in SF (the other non-factory store is in LA) in the Ferry Building. Now commuters and farmer’s market shoppers (and tourists) can get their Heath fix without crossing the Bay. The store features both new products (check out the great spring/summer colors, and some incredible Adam Silverman pieces), plus some factory seconds.

Incredibly, Heath has done a great job of taking the essence of the factory store and bringing it to the City. First, it’s managed to bring the factory store’s quiet, casual, studio-like feel to the bustling Ferry Building. It’s also managed to bring the crux of the factory store experience–the tight connection between the product and the making of it–to the retail store by installing a live-feed monitor from the factory. (They’ve even coordinated factory tours with the ferry schedule. Nice touch, that.)

Check it out. They even make nice saltcellars for your Handful of Salt.


One Ferry Building, Suite 12, San Francisco


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