Winter Light: A Modern Menorah

By Regina Connell.

One of the reasons I love this time of year so much is the candlelight. In addition to bringing light into the darkest season (in the northern hemisphere, at least), it’s a reminder of humanity, of things unseen, of grace.

Menorah by Marmol Radziner

Menorah by Marmol Radziner

But in many religions, the lighting of candles is sacred ritual. Hanukkah is particularly associated with winter candlelight, and to celebrate it, award-winning LA and SF-based design-build firm Marmol Radziner has produced the most gorgeous, subtly luxurious menorah I’ve ever seen.

Combining modern design with expert craftsmanship, it’s stirringly beautiful in its simplicity. It’s handmade – exquisitely – in Los Angeles out of walnut and bronze. It looks great, but it’s the feel of the piece that completely undoes me: the buttery smoothness of the wood that really brings out its beauty and life, the heft and presence of the brass used for the candleholders themselves.

Marmol Radziner's artisans at work

Marmol Radziner’s artisans at work

The menorah’s part of Marmol Radziner’s Home collection, which includes bottle openers, wedge boards (sublime wood work with subtle architectural details) and versatile trays. The line represents the firm’s unique approach, like many of its architectural projects, where the architects are responsible for every part of the design and building process.

Handrcrafted accessories for the home

In the studio at Marmol Radziner


The making of a home collection

Crafting design

The line is created under one roof in small production runs by the firm’s own in-house metal and woodshop. The in-house craftsmen use the same production techniques they usually apply to building architectural models and custom furniture pieces to create the collection.

The craft of design at Marmol Radziner

Skilled artisans at Marmol Radziner turn their skills to home and personal accessories

See the menorah at the Marmol Radziner site, and at Erica Tanov, among others. And if you’re holiday gifting, explore the full collection of home items for your finickiest friends.

If these don’t inspire you for the season and beyond, I’m not sure what will. Enjoy the season, every minute of it.

All images courtesy of Marmol Radziner

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