Salt’s a substance that preserves, breathes life, purifies, and gives flavor. And yet we never really think about it.

It’s one of those run of the mill, common things that people don’t give much thought to. And yet through the ages it’s determined geography and destiny, instigated war and trade. And in almost every cultural tradition around the world, it’s used to ward off evil.  (See Mark Kurlansky’s excellent book, Salt.)

Salt calls us back to the origin of things–of stuff–and reminds us to look below their surface.  Look deeper into the things around you. Explore the materials, the substances, the forces and the people behind your stuff – from  everyday objects to cherished possessions. Insist that the things around you have both function and meaning. We think that life will be a lot more interesting–and flavorful–if you do.

Ceramic salt bowl, created by clay artist Rae Dunn

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