Noticed: Scott Sandell’s Kites

January. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere (even in California) the word conjures up grey skies, sodden earth (perhaps hidden under snow or ice), constriction (all those layers, all that down) and a general feeling of lethargy, of heaviness.

Which is why we loved Scott Sandell’s Kites. Kites are about summer, freedom, lightness. And with their vivid colors, Scott’s Kites amps these good things to something even greater: utter, giggly joy.

Originally from Minnesota but now based in Sag Harbor, NY, he’s a noted mixed-media artist and large-scale printmaker whose work is part of collections in Tokyo, Dubai, and South Africa.

He’s also an expert sail maker.

The Kites series clearly comes from both loves.

Each kite is 96″ x 36″ x 36″. Scott creates these by sewing together printed panels of 300 gsm BFK Rives printmaking paper. The kites are kinetic, and spin with the slightest breeze.

Here’s what Scott says. “Over a very short period of time the prints assumed three dimensions, and at some point the walls could not hold the prints. Three eight foot blades act as sails, each supported by an anodized aluminum hoop, and swivels on the ends allow viewers to see a continually changing image. I’m not sure if they are “prints” or kites, but I’ve always had a penchant for pushing the conception of printmaking.”

Clearly, we’re not the only ones a little smitten with his work. It hangs in to cheer up the lobbies of corporations and schools, at the Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital, and even at the IRS in Kansas City. We hope that puts all those fine folks in a great mood.


All images courtesy of Michael Jakola Fine Art.  

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One Response to Noticed: Scott Sandell’s Kites

  1. Kites flying… thank you for the support of Scott Sandell’s work. And he’s a delight to work with for commissions and site specific projects. Creative, diligent, timely, unique. He gets it!