Places we love: Zaver & Mor

By Regina Connell.

A sunny Saturday afternoon wandering Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto area. Peet’s coffee: tick. Wine from Vintage Berkeley for dinner: tick. Acme bread? No, not today, skipping carbs.

This can make a girl a little cranky.

But then suddenly … crankiness dissipates, replaced with dilation of the pupils, a quickening of the pulse. In a shop window that had long been papered over sit several very delectable morsels of jewelry – clearly artisanal – lovingly arranged under bell jars.

Well hello, Zaver and Mor.

Inside: a lovingly curated collection of lovelies by the likes of Rebecca Overman, Sarah Swell, Maya Kini, Sethi Couture, and Aarti Gala. (There are also some gorgeous vintage pieces.) The look is knowing, organic and exquisitely hand-crafted, and industrial but also distinctly feminine.

And you can’t beat some of the store fixtures, which include a very cool guitar case previously owned by Grace Slick.

This is, of course, all the doing – and very much the personal style – of the Rada Sahney. Rada, a former banker with a lifelong love of jewelry, spent several years conceptualizing and planning the store, and finally took the plunge early in 2012. The care, passion, and attention to detail show in every aspect of the store.

Of course, you want to know what Zaver and Mor means, don’t you? Well you’ll have to ask Rada when you go in. Which you should. Soon.


2111-E Vine Street, Berkeley CA




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One Response to Places we love: Zaver & Mor

  1. Jenny Georges says:

    I cannot wait to go in and peruse and purchase some great one of a kind handmade pieces at Zaver & Mor. I have heard quite about them recently and a fashionista friend of mine was wearing a beautiful pair of jade earrings from their store. I love that they offer such quality at a price point that’s both within my reach and something to strive for.