Noticed: Yvonne Mouser

By Regina Connell.

Spotted at the San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design‘s Pop Up exhibit at the Proxy Project on Hayes Street: this curious, beautiful, oddly emotionally resonant item. But is it sculpture? Or something functional?

Spotted: Superstition Broom

I had no idea what it was. I asked Ray McKenzie, who runs the exquisite, imaginatively curated store, for deets. I learned that Yvonne Mouser is the talented designer/creator of this “Superstition Broom,” a broom inspired by the belief that it’s bad luck to rest a broom on its bristles (Who knew?). The handle allows the broom to be easily hung off a ledge or placed upright on a surface to keep the bristles straight and protected. (The handle is made of steam-bent ash with horsehair bristles and the price is $95.)

Gorgeous. Many quotidian tools do evoke a certain humble, noble grandeur, and that’s why they’re such popular design elements. But this has so much more going on.


SF Museum of Craft and Design @ Proxy

Hayes & Octavia Streets, San Francisco


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