Noticed: Thorocraft Shoes

By Regina Connell.

Used to be that men’s shoes were a sad, rather boring category.

I used to complain and resist shopping expeditions for men’s shoes (what, me complain about shopping? In those instances, yes.) Then, when absolutely forced to go along, I’d roll my eyes and bring a book, because I knew there’d be nothing to look at, just endless variations of wingtips, brogues, or mocs. The shoes would be built to last, but so, so earnest: no sex appeal, no design, no flair.

But no more. Shoe lines like Fiorentini + Baker have started to create some men’s lines worthy of a woman’s lust (which they clearly figured out, because their women’s line is pretty much based on their men’s line). Others are figuring this out too.

And then there are these shoes from Long Beach, California brand Thorocraft‘s Fall/Winter 2013 collection, which we spied in Selectism.

Crazy, but I want these gorgeous, handmade wonders.

Now I’m not sure that I know a lot of guys who’d have the guts to wear these gorgeous blue suede Navajo (esque)-patterned boots, though props to those who do.

 But I know I’d be super excited to wear the black and white paisley numbers.

And I do know lots of guys who’d like these gorgeous black numbers.

And these.

Oh Thorocraft, why not start a line for women? I think we’re ready.


All images by Thorocraft via


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