Places we love: Studio KotoKoto

By Dominique Koudsi.

Studio KotoKoto

What if every day had a little bit of “lazy Sunday” in it? You know, the kind of day where you don’t even take off your PJs and you sip tea and stretch out luxuriously on the couch for hours on end. Maybe you read a book, maybe you binge-watch Netflix, maybe you bake, or maybe you just take a nap. Whatever you do, there’s something distinctly soft and peaceful and almost delicate about these kinds of days that we all love.

KotoKoto is an onomatopoeic term meaning “gentle simmering” in Japanese, the kind of magical stuff that lazy Sundays are made of. Studio KotoKoto brings this quality of a cozy, contented, leisurely lifestyle right into your everyday with their offerings of exquisite, handmade, meticulously designed objects by makers from Japan, the US, and around the world.

Five Bottles: Study in Color and Form by Peter Pincus. Image courtesy of Studio KotoKoto

Heading into their second year, Studio KotoKoto has dedicated themselves to featuring the kinds of goods that make you feel like you can breathe again in your home, goods that have a life and soul of their own, aesthetically pleasing, sure, but with heart and sincerity most of all.

White Mug by Matsuzuka Yuko. Image courtesy of Studio KotoKoto

Oval Bowl - Peppermint by Hanako Nakazato. Image courtesy of Studio KotoKoto

Conceived by Kathryn Manzella and Ai Kanazawa, two friends united by a devotion to exquisite, quality objects, Studio KotoKoto not only highlights beautiful products, but also the stories of the craftspeople behind them: their aesthetics, their inspirations, their process, and everything that goes into the making of their wares. Every piece they share glows with simplicity and spirit, created with such care from natural materials.

Hoshi Table Runner by Rowland and Chinami Ricketts. Image courtesy of Studio KotoKoto

A place where form meets function, Studio KotoKoto’s products range from ceramics, to glass, to textiles and wood, offerings you can easily infuse into your everyday life. (Maybe you can even pick up a new mug for next Sunday.) You can discover sumptuous wool blankets, matte teapots, gorgeous walnut cutting boards, and even cutlery rests that are small, but still emit the same elegance that every piece on the site radiates.

Small Cup, Green by Joseph Pintz. Image courtesy of Studio KotoKoto

As Studio KotoKoto celebrates their first birthday—one year of sharing their trove of treasures with us—you can celebrate lazy Sundays and the hum of KotoKoto, no matter what day of the week, with some of their handmade loveliness.


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