Noticed: Shop Fog Linen

By Regina Connell.

We love Fog Linen Work, of course, and extolled its virtues some months back. The challenge, though, for those of us who wanted to actually buy something from them online was that you couldn’t.

Fog Linen Cross Apron

Well, things have changed. Freelance book designer Michael Russem and his wife Julie (whose own store, Pod, has a cult following) have opened Shop Fog Linen, which is dedicated exclusively to the clothing and kitchen, table, and bath linens of the Japanese designer Yumiko Sekine’s Fog Linen Work.

We don’t usually cover online store openings, but in this case, we couldn’t resist.

Michael explains, “We approached Yumiko about partnering with her to start our own online store to make the entire Fog line available to those outside Japan. At present we don’t have all the products on the site, but we have new shipments arriving daily.”

Fog Linen Napkins

The partnership is the result of mutual respect and deep collaboration. Michael notes, “Julie and I are terribly fond of Fog Linen’s simple and tasteful designs. Each piece adheres to Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s observation: Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. Yumiko really has pared down each fabric and design to what’s essential. But more importantly, all of Fog’s products are useful. There’s not a dust-collector in the whole line.”

Fog Linen Gigi Tote

The site is truly Fog Linen-worthy: beautiful aesthetics evoking that sense of calm refinement so associated with the Fog Linen ethos. (We couldn’t quite bring ourselves to call it a brand.) We love so much of what’s on the site: they even have gifts for babies and our favorites: the garçon aprons and the wool linen socks.

If you’re one of the first people to try the site, you might be lucky enough to receive a copy of Around Fog Linen, a 132-page look book, featuring Fog products as used by designers and artists from around the world.

Welcome Shop Fog Linen.




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