Noticed: A Place to Stay

By Regina Connell.

As we’ve said before, the better bookstores out there have gotten smarter and scrappier. But this is one of the smarter and more wonderful ways I’ve seen.


Nantucket Bookworks has turned its second story into an apartment for book lovers, giving guests a chance to live above the store for a night, or a few days. Charming.

Books in the bathroom

Books in the bathroom

This would be one of those fantasy weekends for me: being surrounded by books (not just the ones I’ve picked out), being able to browse and read at will, then get up, cook in the chef’s kitchen, then go back to reading, exploring imagining.


The apartment is the idea of Wendy Hudson whose family owns 25 Broad Street and who also owns Nantucket Bookworks & Mitchell’s Book Corner. She also happens to be a co-founder of Cisco Brewers/Triple Eight Distiller/Nantucket Vineyard.


 All images courtesy of Nantucket Bookworks.

Nantucket Bookworks

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