Noticed: Liza Riddle

By Regina Connell

We first came across Liza Riddle‘s work when we interviewed her husband, Mark Goudy. Since that interview, she’s been damned busy cooking up her own work. And what work it is. She forms elegant hand-coiled vessels inspired by, but not necessarily constrained by traditional shapes. And her colors are subtle but somehow manage to be vibrant (kind of like Liza’s personality).

Image courtesy of Liza Riddle

To create the colors and patterns, she uses water soluble metal salts (a crazy-complicated and rather brave process we outlined in the article on Mark), and then, the piece de la resistance: she hand-burnishes the earthenware to this buttery, sensuous texture that you just want to keep stroking. It’s a little embarrassing, really, but you just can’t help yourself. Love.


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