Noticed: Heidi Harrington

By Regina Connell. 

I do love people who push a process. Surrey-based ceramist, Heidi Harrington uses screen printing in her ceramics, allowing the patterns to stretch and distort during the making process.

Heidi Harrington's Screenprinted Ceramics

Heidi Harrington’s Screenprinted Ceramics

The result? Delicate, ethereal, forest fantasy bowls and plates that have strong lines, distinctive personalities and literally, a sense of place. Inspired by her walks in the neighboring woods, she uses her own photography, a mixture of hand making and semi-industrial techniques. Each is unique, each captures a moment in time.

Photographic inspirations

Photographic inspirations

With a degree from the Royal College of Art, Heidi’s quickly made her mark, showing at the ultra-prestigious COLLECT (London’s international art fair for contemporary objects) in 2014 and has her work carried by Contemporary Applied Arts.

We love this film of her process by Mike Paterson: a true meditation on design.

Clay & Ink from Crafts Council on Vimeo.


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