Noticed: Guillaume Dulau

I think I’ve just seen a new classic. Saw it in Designboom, and it’s been gaining big love across the web.

Is it the look, or the process that turns people on?

It’s actually both, and that makes it worthy of our notice. It’s made out of a SINGLE piece of wood.  Project and material constraints forced him to invent new techniques for working with wood and wood-cutting machines. The strips are twisted into natural forms creating four legs, two of which continue their course on the top of the desk, creating storage space for pens and other small objects. The desk’s openwork surface prevented the wood from splitting during construction, and now serves to cool laptops. Nice.

Toulouse-born Dulau isn’t the easiest guy to track down, a big of a mystery, really. But take a look at his website, and check out the amazing process shots.

Really, really lovely, a most satisfying fusion of craft and design.

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