Noticed: Doug Johnston

By Kathryn Clark.

Doug Johnston elevates craft to a fine art with his sash cord studies.

The title hints at the art form but these vessels can be purely functional as well.

What makes them even more elegant is when you understand the material Doug uses to make each piece. He elevates the linear form of simple cotton sash cording into three dimensions. The series is based on the ancient techniques used to make ceramic coiled pots and basketry.

Each piece is handcrafted on his antique Singer sewing machine. All of the color comes from the structural zig zag threads used to hold the cording together. It’s the color and layout of the thread that elevates these bags from simple object to a thing of beauty.

The sash cord series is available at Vitrine and on his webshop. You can find more of the series at his website, Doug Johnston.





All images by Michael Popp.





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