Noticed: Deborrah Daher

We do have a thing for the industrial look. But when it comes to jewelry, we’ve also seen a lot of industrially influenced work that’s just…not quite right. It’s either a steampunk look, or some spiky, menacing object that might have played an unsavory role in the dungeons of the Inquisition…or should be hung on some beautifully lit wall (in which case, it’s sculpture).

So when someone designs something that has that refined-raw-industrial look and gets it right, we pay attention.

Case in point, the work of St. Louis-based Deborrah Daher. Deborrah works in gold and oxidized silver to create these chunky, funky, exquisite creations.

Also intriguing–though in a completely different way–are what Deborrah calls her “bowl” pieces, this one made out of 18 & 22k yellow gold, 18k palladium white gold, a natural yellow South Sea pearl, and a raw yellow sapphire.

We love how she works the more usual materials into something unusual, and how she works with less-usual materials (green gold, yellow pearls) into work that makes you wonder, look closer.

Work to love.


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