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I am fascinated by Annee de Mamiel’s Seasonal Oils. These intricate blends take into account the specific rhythms of each season and change depending on which Chinese New Year we have entered. Each blend is unique and will never be repeated. This attention to detail is quite possibly the very definition of luxury.

The fascinating woman behind these captivating seasonal oils is Annee de Mamiel. Annee is a trained acupuncturist, aromatherapist, and facialist who lives and practices in London, England. Her treatments fuse Western science with Chinese philosophy. And it must be working. Annee’s clients keep coming back for more. In fact, there is quite an extensive waitlist to receive one of Annee’s customized treatments. Don’t be alarmed, though. Annee has recently launched a full line of skincare products, De Mamiel Botaniques, based on the blends that she has been using with her clients over the years. Rejoice!

I’ll admit that I’ve never been too keen on cleansing balms. They always seem to leave my skin feeling oily and heavy. But one look at the ingredient list on the Restorative Cleansing Balm and I was a goner. This exquisite balm combines rich, nourishing butters and oils with antibacterial manuka honey. In addition, this balm contains glow-inducing probiotics. (Try a balm, cream, and/or serum with probiotics and tell me you don’t immediately notice a difference!) This balm is lighter and less oily than balms I’ve used in the past. To use it, I simply scoop out a little with dry (clean) fingers and massage it over dry skin. It spreads easily and smoothly without tugging or pulling. As expected given the high oil content, this balm removes all traces of makeup. I like to take my time with it, massaging it over my skin for a good minute or two. Once I’m feeling perfectly clean, I remove the balm with one of my favorite bamboo muslins. My skin is left feeling exceptionally soft and hydrated. More importantly, I have honestly noticed a significant reduction in my clogged pores and blemishes. It’s that good!

The Brightening Cleanse & Exfoliate is my absolute favorite product in the line. Every night, I take my makeup off with the Restorative Cleansing Balm and then follow with this miraculous cleanser. You’re thinking, “Every night? But I thought this was an exfoliator.” I initially shared that very same concern. And then I tried this soothing, silky treasure. The graininess from the clays, salt, and baking soda is perfectly balanced by the smooth, soft gem powders. This is the first powder scrub that I can safely suggest using every day. Morning or evening, simply shake a small mound of powder into the palm of your hand and add a little water, drop by drop, until you’ve reached the consistency you desire. Massage over your skin, rinse, and marvel at your bright, glowing complexion. (To increase that glow, I recommend mixing this powder with goat’s milk yogurt rather than water. Goat’s milk yogurt calms, exfoliates, and feels incredibly indulgent.)

I’m rarely impressed by toners and the first few times I used the Dewy Facial Mist, I didn’t think much of it. It was nice, but a lot of toners are nice. Then something changed. This mysterious mist slowly, but surely won me over. I can’t quite pinpoint what I love about it, but I do love it. I look forward to liberally spritzing it over my face twice a day. That’s right, I look forward to using a toner. I’ve only felt this way about one other toner. Maybe it’s the captivating ingredients—kakadu plum, lilly pilly extract, pre-biotics. Maybe it’s the intoxicating scent—rose, neroli, cucumber. I don’t know, but I dig it. It’s the perfect base for oils. And best of all, no matter how much I spritz, this mist never irritates my skin.

The Rosey Lip Balm is lovely. It’s light, nourishing, and provides the perfect amount of glossiness. This lip balm contains some of the same elements as the Restorative Cleansing Balm, namely manuka honey, mango butter, and camellia seed oil, but amps up the moisture with evening primrose and monoi oils. Beeswax and rose wax work to seal in that moisture. I like using this balm at night, but this is mostly because I haven’t tossed it in my purse yet for fear that I will never find it again. This is definitely a high quality lip balm and you can truly see that Annee did not cut any corners in formulating it. (Rose essential oil, anyone?)

The Salvation Body Oil smells SO good. It’s earthy and seductive with dominant notes of sandalwood, frankincense, and myrrh. (Honestly, there is nothing more seductive than sandalwood.) But the scent is not overwhelming. I find that I am sometimes drawn to intense scents only to find myself wishing that they didn’t last so long. Salvation provides the perfect middle ground. Intensely grounding upon application, yet fleeting. The scent will initially draw you in, but it’s the texture that will seal the deal. Coconut, argan, and baobab impart their traditional velvety finish, while camellia, kalahari, and rice bran lighten the blend. It’s the perfect marriage of rich and hydrating oils with light and airy ones. Though this body oil is crazy expensive, it’s the first one that I can see myself making a permanent part of my routine. That’s big talk for a product fiend. It’s a keeper for me.

As you can see, I’m quite smitten with the Botaniques Range. So much so that I’m even itching to get my hands on that Pregnancy Facial Oil! But perhaps I shouldn’t pull the trigger on that one quite yet. For now, I will settle with adding the Winter Facial Oil to my current Wish List.



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