Noticed: Clayworks

By Dominique Koudsi.

Imagine stepping into a room of walls both breathtaking and breathable, eco-friendly and easy on the eyes—a living space with a life of its own.

Sounds too good to be true, but a natural nest such as this actually lives and breathes somewhere at the intersection between style, sustainability, and well-being. In fact, it’s actually right under your nose (or rather, your feet) because it’s made of one of the most abundant raw materials available: clay.


Clayworks pigmented top coat with mica, image courtesy of


Clayworks pigmented clay plasters, image courtesy of


Clayworks, “an award winning UK manufacturer and provider of services and products,” uses clay plaster made of unfired clays and sands to create breathable and hygroscopic wall finishes with an incredibly low carbon footprint. In addition to being both good for the environment and good for you (porous walls have all kinds of health benefits), clay plaster living spaces are beautiful, versatile, and come in all sorts of inspired and inspiring colors.


Clayworks "Colour Chart," image courtesy of


You can find Clayworks plasters in all sorts of fantastic places, from Paul Smith stores, to the Project 41 electronic showroom, to a feature on “Sophisticated Rustic” in House & Garden. The multi-faceted benefits of these finishes is as crystal clear as the air you’ll be breathing within them.


Clayworks pigmented rustic top-coat, image courtesy of




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