Noticed: Breaking the Wool

by Anna Hoeschen.

Photo Courtesy of Breaking the Wool

There’s a nip in the air; we wake up to wet windowpanes and brisk mornings. We’re looking for something to keep the chill at bay, and we’ve fallen in love with the luxurious line of knits from Breaking the Wool.

Co-founders Mlle Sophie and Marie Degos aimed to create a brand that would drape the modern woman in something distinctive. The result? A delicious fusion between French aesthetics and local Bay Area production. Breaking the Wool embodies both the entrepreneurial zest of San Francisco and the fashion sensibilities of the modern French woman.  Marie and Sophie draw on the charms of each locale, uncovering  designs and materials that softly smolder.

As Marie notes, the business model is based on being aware of and incorporating elements from France and San Francisco. They think “it’s important to have things from the U.S., especially because it’s a Parisian-San Francisco based company. We are both French… It’s not so hard to make business in both places… It’s the way we live. We do business like we need and like we are. It’s important for our brand to be French inspired.”

Photo Courtesy of Breaking the Wool

Maintaining an appreciation for local production,  the  designs are  replicated by  16 knitters in San Francisco.

Marie describes the team as “people who want to be a part of the project. And they still want to be professional. It’s not just knitting on the table; part of our brand is to be part of something professional.”

Professional, yes. Sexy, sophisticated and alluring—even more so. The scarves are exquisite and tantalizingly feminine.

Photo Courtesy of Breaking the Wool

As seasoned fashion professionals and mothers, Marie and Sophie wanted to create something that would appeal to a woman with a similar profile. When asked about what kind of woman gravitates towards their designs, Marie reflected that the woman is “A little bit like us, really. The woman is aware. She travels. She wants to be seductive. She wants to wear something that makes her more feminine. She loves nice materials. She has the ability to buy something different… something she cannot find at H&M and Zara.”

Wearing something that’s marked by mindfulness for local production, woven with a story and Parisian punch… It’s got us feeling warm and cozy already.


Breaking the Wool

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