Noticed: AC Ceramics

By Heather Palmer and Natalie Powell.

AC Ceramics is Antonia Regina Virginia Campanella, but you can call her Toni for short. Her work deserves as much attention as her name commands, and is as inviting as Toni herself.

Leopard print bowls

Toni, an L.A. based ceramicist, works with clay in a number of ways: she does slip casting and hand-building, and also performs photo transfers onto clay.

Printed coasters

In addition to having her own studio practice and product line, Toni is a production manager at Lesley Anton Ceramics in L.A., AND works part time at Heath Ceramicsʼs L.A. digs. The lights below are a collaboration between Toni and Lesley.

Cinder block lamp created by Toni and Lesley

Toni’s work effortlessly integrates fine art, design, and function. What’s more, her work’s lightness draws you in and holds your attention.

Gold decorative "nests"

But Toni’s works aren’t just pleasant to look at; they also have meaning. For example, the proceeds from the cups pictured below go towards funding surgeries for Toni’s nephew, who struggles with a heart condition.

Heart cup benefiting Toni's nephew

Antonia, with a clear design vision and plenty of heart, is at the very beginning of what looks like an exciting, promising career. Keep an eye on this one; her work will be a pleasure to watch unfold.


AC Ceramics

5613 San Vicente Blvd

Los Angeles, California 90019


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