Noticed: A different kind of artisanal denim

By Regina Connell.

One day, UK’s  Ian Berry did what most of us has done at some point: he looked at a huge pile of old jeans he was clearing out of his childhood home, and wondered what he could do with them.

And then this art director got inspired. He was going to make art. Not bad patchwork quilt art, but real, amazing, mind-blowing art with denim. He got to designing, cutting, stitching, gluing… and people sat up and took notice (how could they not?)

The Commuters

The work bears the hallmarks of his advertising/art director background: punchy imagery, strong but spare storytelling, and irony. The work’s tinged with a bit of Edward Hopper: urban, moody, and laced through with melancholy and yearning.

Other side of the tracks

He kept at this art, quit his day job, and switched his name to Denimu (so obsessed is he with the medium.)

A Blue Eye

We’re thrilled he did.

NY Newsstand


All images courtesy of Denimu. First spotted in DesignMilk.



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  1. Always a highlight receiving my Salt updates. Thank you again.
    Who doesn’t love denim? MJ