Noticed: The Art of the Longboard

By Regina M. Connell.

I’ve never surfed and don’t really have a desire to do so. Snowboarding: ditto. And I think I’ve been on a skateboard exactly once. It was not pretty. Being built for comfort not speed, I’ve concluded that staying a little more grounded is far safer for me, and—no doubt—for any unfortunate I’d encounter if I were ever to do something so foolhardy.

So why, then, does my heart always beat faster when I see surfboards and their terrestrial cousins, longboards? Why do I periodically hanker after a surfboard to just rest against a wall, even though I know that it would make me the World’s Biggest Poser? Is it some wistful longing for the feel the wind/spray/snow in my face? Or is it that I just think the objects are compelling, sleek, sexy, sculptural and artful?

Florian Roeper's limited edition longboard

Florian Roeper’s limited edition longboard

Whatever the cause, my heart definitely did its little number when I saw these longboards from San Francisco furniture maker Florian Roeper. Florian’s known for modern,  finely detailed furniture designs that incorporate metal inlays and have the just faintest whiff of art deco to them. And now he’s gone and developed a line of high performance longboards that marry art with function and make full use of his way with inlays and detail.

Florian Roeper's masterful longboards


The Collector’s Edition Longboards consist of 2 new longboard designs made to order in a limited edition of 20. Florian, an avid snowboarder and surfer, says, “The prototyping and engineering of these high performance boards was entirely guided by taking the feeling of snowboarding and surfing to the street. When I ride these boards, I feel like I just got off the lift and am carving up the slopes.”

Side view of the Demon

Side view of the Demon

There are two versions of the longboard, both made of bamboo: Demon and Spirit. Demon has a black lacquer finish with contrasting copper leaf. Spirit is finished with black lacquer and gold leaf.

With high performance wheels, S8 performance trucks (trucks being the metal turning mechanism that attach the longboard wheels to the deck), stainless mounting hardware, the longboard’s definitely built for real use, not just eye candy.

Beautiful. And very tempting.

Built for beauty and performance

Built for beauty and performance



Florian Roeper
Instagram: @studioroeper

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