The New Luxury: The Pleasure Discipline

By Regina Connell.

Image courtesy of The New Craftsman, bowl by Billy Lloyd

Bowl by Billy Lloyd, image courtesy of The New Craftsman

The way we’re defining luxury here on AltLuxe, it’s clear that it’s about more than the thing, the product, the object. It’s about pleasure, which is something that happens between your ears and in your psyche, not in a shop somewhere. (Luxury is most definitely not about shopping and spending or even spa-ing, which can leave me feeling frazzled and graspy and unsatisfied.)

Luxury is about sense and experience and soul. It’s about slowing down and petting my cat and luxuriating in the warmth of his body, the sensuous feel of his coat, the crazy little snores he gives from time to time. It’s about writing in my journal. It’s about having an unexpected drink with my besties.


Oddly enough, this kind of luxury, while “free,” puts the burden on you to turn inside yourself to let the pleasure of the moment come to the surface, instead of reaching for it outside of yourself. You have to stop. You have to be with yourself. You have to focus on the now. Finding pleasure this way is, ironically, a discipline. But what a great one…

For all the rest and more on our version of the new luxury, wander on over to AltLuxe.



The New Luxury:

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