The New Luxury: Home for Pleasure

By Regina Connell.

People often ask me what the new luxury is when it comes to the home. I get the sense that what they’re looking for is a pat answer, and a look: perhaps something involving exposed beams, industrial touches, reclaimed wood, flea market finds, etc. You know, that look.

Brass Tea Measure by Ruka Kikuchi aka Lue Brass, at work, image courtesy of OEN

Brass Tea Measure by Ruka Kikuchi aka Lue Brass, at work, image courtesy of OEN

But then that would be about buying other peoples’ labels and looks again, which is not what alternative luxury is about. However, forced to come up with something more useful, I’d say that it’s about these things: ease, soul, what’s essential, sensuality, intimacy, and subversion. AltLuxe, like many good things, is a little complicated.

No. 1  EASE. More than anything else, the AltLuxe home is about ease. It’s about not trying too hard to look like anything you’re not. You know the home that’s too overthought: you know it by sight and feel. It’s definitely not pleasure-inducing (unless stressing over perfection gives you pleasure. I am not one of those people.) It accommodates life. It accommodates pleasures large and small. It accommodates highly individual tastes and collections. It always evolves. It is perfectly imperfect.

So some of my favorite interiors books (which are really books about life) are about the ease and beauty of imperfection: A Good House is Never Done by John Wheatman, The Perfectly Imperfect Home by Deborah Needleman, and Undecorate by Christine Lemieux.

Let ease and imperfection reign. Breathe.

No. 2  SOUL. According to Paul Bloom in his book, How Pleasure Works, we human animals are essentialists. That is, we get pleasure from things and experiences based not just on what they look like and how they perform, but the essence that we attribute to them…

For all the rest and more on our version of the new luxury, wander on over AltLuxe.



The New Luxury:


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