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By Megan Schwarz.
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The Little Alchemist marries natural, organic ingredients with the latest anti-aging actives. These actives include fascinating complexes like Cohellis Bio, a vegetable-based Botox alternative, D’Orientine S, a wrinkle-fighter derived from dates, and Colhibin, a rice protein that boosts collagen. The Little Alchemist clearly wants to be known for more than just natural. This is anti-aging skincare at its most evolved.

Here are a few of my favorites from the line…


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My love for the Wild Apple and Mint Gel Cleanser took me completely by surprise. I normally shy away from all things gel, seeking out hydrating milks and creams instead. However, this aloe and clay based, low to no foam cleanser was anything but drying. In fact, it was incredibly nourishing. Most importantly, it’s FANTASTIC for acne prone skin. This cleanser contains pineapple, papaya and black willow bark extracts to exfoliate; turmeric, plantain and calendula to calm and ease inflammation; and wheatgrass to detoxify. This is the type of complex, overachieving ingredient list that you expect from an anti-aging cream, not from a cleanser. That’s where The Little Alchemist goes above and beyond.


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The Ultra C Radiance Serum is something else. The rich texture is everything I crave in a serum. And yes, this is definitely a serum. It is practically overflowing with active ingredients – Vitamin C, Co Enzyme Q10, chia seed, acerola fruit, goji berry, rosehip. While the serum is rich, I found it worked great in the mornings and at night. After a few days of consistent use, I can honestly say that I noticed a visible increase in my skin’s clarity. I’m not really surprised though – this serum is quite the powerhouse. If you are looking for a potent serum that works overtime to turn back the clock, pick the Ultra C Radiance Serum up immediately.


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The Anti-Aging Defense Complex is my absolute favorite product from the entire line. It is an incredibly light lotion that feels luxe. There are too many natural moisturizers out there that bear more resemblance to a gloppy, watery mess than they do a lotion. Not this one. It feels like a traditional, high-end moisturizer that you might pick up at Barney’s. What’s more, it contains vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids that boost collagen and minimize wrinkles. This cream is definitely a winner. I used it at night over the Radiance Serum, but I’m considering picking up a bottle for daytime use when my current moisturizer runs out!

An introduction to The Little Alchemist would not be complete if I didn’t mention the crazy cool packaging. Have you ever seen a line this stylish?! I love it.



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