Noticed: Nate Cotterman

By Regina Connell.

We’re huge fans of the craft of glassmaking for that unlikely blend of meditative process and excitement. But we’re often underwhelmed by the designs we typically see.

The glass world is absolutely ripe for artisans who integrate design into what they do, and over the last little while we’ve found a few who absolutely nail it: glassmakers like Joe Cariati and Devin Burgess of Vermont’s Borealis Studios who bring together sublime craft, luscious designs, and functionality.

Cube glasses by Nate Cotterman

Cube glasses by Nate Cotterman

And now I can add another to the mix.

Nate Cotterman of Los Angeles, who— unsurprisingly—works with Joe Cariati, is a designer-maker in the truest sense of the word. And he’s even managed to push the envelope beyond some of my favorites, by creating something more than the usual glass/vase/sculpture.

Read more about Nate here.


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