Material Inquiry: Salt

By Regina Connell.

Now obviously, we have a thing for salt here. I’ve always loved it for its shape, meaning, and sheer savoriness, along with the pleasure it gives food—and thus life.  In fact, I’ve been accused of seeing some things—like bacon, salumi, tapenade, and even sushi—as mere salt delivery vehicles. For the record, I do, oddly, draw the line at things like chocolate chip cookies with sea salt sprinkled on them, but my love of salt remains nonetheless.

Maldon Sea Salt

Maldon Sea Salt

But I’m obviously not the only one deeply in love with salt. There’s chef/entrepreneur Mark Hix with a string of restaurants (and a bar) in the UK—a man with a passion for his provenance, materials, and the stuff of his trade. This video takes us through salt’s history and uses.

Lovely (and thanks to NOWNESS, where I discovered this.)

Need more salt in your life? There’s Salted by another salt lover, salt expert, chef, and salt importer Mark Bitterman, who’s also written the only book on Salt Block Cooking.

While there are those who seem to be fans of artisanal fancy flavored salts—those mixed with herbs, citrus, mushroom, coffee, or heavily smoked—I’m not. Just give me a little selection of sea salts—Fleur de Sel, magnificent Maldon, and similar flaked salts, and I’m a happy girl. I don’t need tricky. I just need the pure essence of this storied substance.

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