Lee & Lou: Pan-Fried Trout + Rainbow Chard

By Lee & Lou Havlicek.
Lee & Lou Cook.

Trout with Rainbow Chard


Lately we’re especially in the mood for easy. Jumping back into post-summer real life is always busy, and this fall it seems to be downright relentless. We’re running all over the place, fighting off colds, taking care of about four too many things on any given day, and trying to get things under control before the holidays hit (oh, they’re coming—just turn on your TV during any commercial break), when all we really want to do is curl up on a couch piled with snacks and books, and watch a day’s worth of movies buried under a mile of blankets. But just because we don’t feel like spending too much time on too complicated dishes, doesn’t mean we’re willing to sacrifice a satisfying meal. One of our go-to ingredients for fastest, simplest, tastiest dinners: fish.

Fish cooks in a flash. It feels a little special in spite of its I-just-threw-this-together level of ease, and makes for a totally healthy meal, which means you’re left feeling happy and pleased with yourself, instead of bummed and gross the way you might after, say, dinner #3 from the same cold leftover takeout you had last weekend. Plus, there are so many varieties, you’d be hard-pressed to get bored with it.

One of our favorites: trout.


Trout with Rainbow Chard


Trout is a fish that everyone’s heard of, but not everyone’s actually eaten. Which is a mistake! We went for years thinking that trout wasn’t something we’d be into. We were so. very. wrong. (A rarity, we’re sure.)

Trout is delicious—un-fishy but flavorful (a balance that isn’t always easy to find)—incredibly healthy, and super economical (again, not always the case with fish—especially the healthiest ones).


Trout with Rainbow Chard


We always buy wild-caught, but great news: new sustainable farming techniques are making farm-raised trout safe and healthy to eat. This means it’s both more available and more affordable. (Just check that the fish you’re buying is sustainably farmed.) Of course, if you can get wild-caught trout: awesome. Get it. It’s a lot easier to find in some parts of the country than others. We had some outrageously good, locally-caught, wild smoked trout in upstate New York last week. It was amazing. We’re still not over it. But if you can’t find the wild stuff, check out the sustainably farmed options.


Trout with Rainbow Chard


The perfect accompaniment to trout’s mellow flavor: rainbow chard. Its gorgeous color will pep things up, and its flavor and fiber will fill you up happily. The pair makes a one nice plate together. So simple, but so good. Side perk: just like trout, chard is really, really good for you, making this one kick-ass easy meal. Fast, delicious, healthy, inexpensive, and a looker to boot: That’ll definitely do the trick, won’t it?

Though this meal is super satisfying on its own, if you want to serve it with some bread or a little something else in addition (farro or polenta would both beawesome, as would roasted potatoes), it’s really easy to find any number of things that would go tastily alongside.

Even the most sluggish of nights just got a whole lot better. (Don’t forget the wine!)…

For the recipe, and oh so much more Lee & Lou click here.



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