Lee & Lou: Risotto with Radicchio + Lemon

By Lee & Lou Havlicek.
Lee & Lou Cook.

It’s been officially winter for over a month now, but it’s only the past couple of weeks that it’s really started to feel like it. And boy, has the weather more than made up for those weirdly warm December days.

Risotto with Radicchio

Now that we’re bundled and layered and waiting for the impending 2 feet of snow (!!!!!) that may hit the East Coast this weekend and thinking that nothing sounds better than a toasty night in, beset by blankets and sweatshirts and soft woolen socks, glass of wine/scotch in hand, fire/candles going, some great movie playing, and something delicious and warming to eat…

It’s comfort food season.

Risotto with Radicchio

Creamy, warm, and satisfying. Nothing sounds quite so good as those words on a bitingly cold January night. And as far as those three words are concerned, one dish is king: risotto.

This Northern Italian rice dish is just about as comforting as it gets. It’s like a hot, cozy blanket for your tummy. But way more delicious. And what’s more, the rumors you’ve heard aren’t even true: risotto is extremely easy to make. If you can stir and give a little attention to a pot, you can make risotto.

Risotto with Radicchio

Like pasta, you can add anything you like to risotto. We often make a sun-dried tomato and fontina risotto for Christmas Eve. In the spring, we love to toss in fresh peas and herbs and whatever cheese sounds especially good when we get to the store. You can even make sweet risotto for an Italian rice pudding.

But this month, we were craving something new and bright to add to these wintry days. We found the perfect balance of comforting and fresh in this risotto: Radicchio, Lemon, and Buffalo Mozzarella. Lemony brightness (it’s citrus season, friends), a hint of bitterness from the radicchio (we can’t get enough of this purpley leafy vegetable right now), and just the right amount of creaminess from the mozzarella (the buffalo variety is even creamier—and more traditional—than the cow’s milk version).

Risotto with Radicchio

Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed. All you need is that glass of something good, those soft, cozy blankets, something to watch, and you’ve got yourself quite an evening ahead of you. Never mind the insanely blustery freeze going on outside…  For the recipe, and oh so much more Lee & Lou click here.



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