Lee & Lou: Pickled Ginger + Homemade Jam

By Lee & Lou Havlicek.
Lee & Lou Cook.

Pickling Ginger


Ginger is a stupendously under-appreciated ingredient, as far as we’re concerned. It adds something unexpected and welcome to so many different types of dishes, whether sweet or savory. Try it in pies, drinks, ice creams, and vegetable dishes, grated on fish, meats, and rice. Ginger lends depth, warmth, and brightness—three very good things when it comes to food. It’s both comforting and surprising, which is a pretty hard mix to come by. But as much as we love plain, fresh ginger, we recently tried something new with it. We’ve always loved eating it this way, but had never tried making it ourselves until this summer: We pickled it. And now, we can’t stop making it and using it in everything.

Pickled Ginger

Pickled ginger has so many more uses than just being a condiment for sushi (though it’s wonderful with sushi, too). It’s fantastic with just about any seafood or meat dish—from pork, to salmon, to steak, to chicken—and vegetables get along just as beautifully. After tasting what it does for our stone fruit jams this month, we’re seriously considering adding it to our homemade cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving…

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Pickling Ginger


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