Lee & Lou: Olive Oil-Fried Eggs + Labneh

By Lee & Lou Havlicek.
Lee & Lou Cook.

Labneh —Spring Breakfast

Step outside and take a deep breath. It FINALLY feels like spring.

This makes us:

A) Want to be outside

B) Want to eat all the bright, light, sunshiney springtime foods

C) Want to eat said sunshiney springtime foods outside

Labneh —Spring Breakfast

So today, we have for you a way to start your day with option C. Because if you’re going to really go for it, you should probably jump in breakfast first, and this one is delicious, colorful, healthy, and best of all, one of those non-recipe recipes. Plus, the whole thing goes in one bowl, so it’s porch/lawn/stoop/deck/dock/canoe/roof/whatever-outdoor-space-you’ve-got portable.


The thing about the below recipe is that our ingredients are really just suggestions: things we found at our farmer’s market that looked especially appealing. Use the eggs and labneh as your base and add whatever you like, whatever you can find. Or you can certainly follow exactly what we used and be very happy, indeed.

Labneh —Spring Breakfast

Labneh —Spring Breakfast

But before we let you go: are you familiar with labneh? It’s a creamy, tangy Middle Eastern dairy food that’s somewhere between cheese and yogurt—which makes sense because it’s made by letting most of the liquid (whey) drain out of plain, full-fat yogurt, usually overnight or for a day. It’s so simple to make, keeps for several weeks in your fridge, and is good on nearly everything: toast, vegetables, meats—and, yes, eggs.

If you don’t know, now you know.

Labneh —Spring Breakfast

You could make just enough labneh for your breakfast bowl, or you could make more—because why not, it’s no more effort—and use the leftovers to fill bowls drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with spices (za’atar! paprika! Aleppo pepper!), or chopped fresh herbs (basil! mint! parsley! sorrel! marjoram! thyme!), garlic, nuts (pistachios! almonds! cashews! walnuts!), olives (Castelvetrano! Gaeta! Niçoise!Alfonso!). Then dip in your favorite spring vegetables or warm breads. Or serve alongside grilled meat. Or fish. Use it for anything and everything you can think of…

For the recipe and oh so much more Lee & Lou click here.

Labneh —Spring Breakfast


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