Lee & Lou: Grilled Salmon Grain Bowl

By Lee & Lou Havlicek.
Lee & Lou Cook.

Grilled Salmon Grain Bowl


Simple and super fresh, this one-bowl meal fulfills every summertime dinner craving we’ve been having lately. When it’s 10000% humidity and approximately a hundred-million degrees outside, the number of foods that seem at all appealing definitely narrows. But even if we’d like to be mostly made of ice cream right about now, it’s probably not a great idea. So, behold! One of our favorite hot weather meals: the grain bowl. A little protein, some grains, a heap of our favorite refreshing summer vegetables, and a citrusy vinaigrette with herbs hits the spot like nothing else when you’re hungry but you’re also actually concerned that you’re on the verge of turning into an Alex Mack-style puddle.


Grilled Salmon Grain Bowl


A few great things about one-bowl meals like this one:

1. Everything goes in—yes!—one bowl. We like being able to mix everything up together and we also like having fewer dishes to clean. One bowl also means it’s a whole lot easier to transport outside and balance on your lap while sitting on stoops/lawns/fences/canoes.

2. They make equally great take-to-work lunches and picnics because you can just throw everything in one container.


Grilled Salmon Grain Bowl


3. You can change them up any way you like AND use up whatever good stuff you’ve got in your fridge/pantry in the process. Extra bonus points for this during the summertime since using up all of your perishables is the name of the pre-vacation kitchen game. No one likes being welcomed home by Mystery Smelly Fridge Surprise.


Grilled Salmon Grain Bowl


A few things about our ingredient choices. We love farro—an ancient grain that’s nutty and toothsome with great chew—and we seriously recommend giving it a try if you’ve never had it. You’ll find yourself using it in place of rice, quinoa, you name it. But, if you don’t have any or aren’t into it, you can swap in the grain of your choice…

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