Lee & Lou: Chocolate Raspberry Bourbon Pops

By Lee & Lou Havlicek.
Lee & Lou Cook.

Chocolate Raspberry Burbon Pops


Apparently, July was National Ice Cream Month! Had you asked us, we would have assumed that every month is National Ice Cream Month because we honor it all year long (National Ice Cream Year, anyone?), but we were happy to have an extra excuse to celebrate some of our favorite frozen desserts and ditch other foods in favor of this patriotic duty. “What do you mean why are we eating ice cream for dinner? IT’S NATIONAL ICE CREAM MONTH, you traitor!” is a thing we plan to yell a lot.


Chocolate Raspberry Burbon Pops


First up: We’ve upgraded a childhood classic from summer crush to full-blown LOVE and added the extra perk of whisky-flavored grown-up status. The Fudgsicle just got darker, fruitier, and a little bit of a buzz. And the recipe couldn’t be easier.

Our chocolate pop is richer and, though we’ll never stop wanting to bolt towards the tune if a truck is within earshot, way more delicious than anything you’ll get from a Good Humor truck (you’ll have to hum the song to yourself with these, though—sorry). They have more chocolate—way more chocolate, enough chocolate to satisfy even the chocolate daydreams of those who’ve considered the merits of a chocolate IV— than your average popsicle. But unlike a lot of chocolate desserts, these are summer perfect.


Chocolate Raspberry Burbon Pops


Yes, they are icy and cooling and tasty, but the raspberries and bourbon cut through the richness and give the pops more dimension than just chocolate. Not that there’s a single thing wrong with Just Chocolate, but some texture, some tanginess, and some bourbon also sound pretty great, especially if you add a deck chair, a patch of grass in the sun, and pretending you’re on summer break (if only for as long as it takes you to eat this pop)…

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