Lee & Lou: Spring Gratin

By Lee & Lou Havlicek.
Lee & Lou Cook.

Potato Gratin withi Fennel and Spring Onions

YOU GUYS. WE DID IT. We made it to SPRING.

No matter how much we love winter—and we do—there’s always a sense of accomplishment when we make it through another one and spot the first daffodils on the other side.

Potato Gratin withi Fennel and Spring Onions

And that same moment is right about the time we get the urge to start cooking for sunnier days, for evenings that don’t require 5 or 6 layers of clothes (several of them sweaters) just to run to the car or walk down the block, and for the crops of produce that are starting to pop onto the market scene. One warm afternoon sets something off in us: the need for something new, something fresh, something springy—in color and flavor.

So we go green (and a little purple). And herby. And tangy. We grab: fennel, spring onions, thyme, potatoes, lemon, and cheese—wonderfully salty and sharp goat’s milk feta.

Potato Gratin withi Fennel and Spring Onions

And though we’re dreaming of summer fairs and jean shorts and snow cones already, there’s still a chill in the air, so we layer everything up and make the whole thing a little creamy for something that’s hearty, but still packed with flavor and freshness.

Potato Gratin withi Fennel and Spring Onions

Gratins are beautiful things. They’re easy but look gorgeous, they come together snappily but they keep you satisfied long after you clear the plates. And they can be made out of all sorts of things—most of which are usually pretty inexpensive. All great stuff.

Need to use up the mix of vegetables floating around your fridge? Got a little cheese? Gratin. Want to make something impressive and tasty for guests, but don’t want to be in the kitchen when they arrive? Gratin. Need to bring something awesome to a potluck? Gratin. Want something that will fill you up but won’t empty your wallet? Gratin.

Potato Gratin withi Fennel and Spring Onions

There are gratins for all occasions and seasons, for sure, but this one’s our pick for spring: delicate flavors perked up with some zest and crunch—filling anda little decadent, but still bright. And if you’re not sure you like fennel? This is definitely the way to find out that you do. It’s mild and delicious, and once you’re sold on it, you’ll find yourself throwing it into all kinds of dishes… For the recipe, and oh so much more Lee & Lou click here.


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