Inspired: Patti Smith

by Nicole Bemboom.

This is a long-standing inspiration, perhaps a never-ending inspiration. Seen fringed bags and feathers next to straight leg jeans and black jackets in the past year?

So many designers draw inspiration from the way Patti Smith mixed gritty, black and white punk style with tribal influences.

Patti Smith

And who isn’t reading Just Kids? (Erica Tanov sure was when she created her Fall ’11 collection.) Beyond style and fashion, Patti Smith’s thrashing, abstract, poetic spirit has informed the way that so many of us express ourselves creatively. DesignCrafters are not immune to this influence, and mix handmade craftsmanship with a rough, rock edge.

Anna Edwards’s beautifully hand-tooled earrings walk the perfect line between rustic and edgy. We also can’t get enough of the gorgeous contrast between the matte, blackened metal and the shiny brass.

Anna Edwards earrings

This great bowl by Seth Nagelberg, with its smooth, glossy surface that makes you want to run your hands over it, was actually made from broken beer bottles. Such an elegant way of transforming something broken and discarded into something of value.

Seth Nagelberg bowl

This perfect leather piece from Baba Berthe has exactly the right androgynous, tough but restrained feel.

Braided Leather Necklace

Baba Berthe braided leather necklace

I’m amazed at how frequently my expectations and foundation beliefs are completely shaken by certain crafters. Just when I thought I’d finally recovered from coming across amazing work being done in crochet, this came along…

God's Eye Vest (Free Shipping)

God's Eye Vest

Restructured T-shirts shouldn’t be so cool and striking. They just shouldn’t.

Can you feel the horses running through UntamedStones‘ hand bezel set and forged ring?

Cripple Creek Picture Jasper Ring - Size 7.25

Cripple Creek Picture Jasper Ring

If staring into that picture jasper ring isn’t enough to evoke some abstract storytelling, the Cloud Collectives‘s installation, Towards a Poetic Morphology, should just about do it.

Cloud Collective installation

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