DxV: Christophe Come

By Regina Connell.

Christophe Côme makes virtuoso show-stopping pieces that bring together art deco and modern, with touches of industrial, typographical and even printed circuit board design.

Come Rock Crystal Jewel Box

Come Rock Crystal Jewel Box

A high point of the work I saw at the recent FOG fair in San Francisco, I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw his work showcased through New York’s Cristina Grajales Gallery.

The piece I saw—a “jewel box” of iron and glass—epitomizes the phrase “design classic”: one of those pieces that feels very today, gets handed down through the generations, and that has dealers and auction houses clamoring over it. It’s elegant, beautiful, muscular, lyrical, and lingers in your memory.

Christophe Come Jewel Box

Exploring the collection, I saw exquisite blown up versions of the jewel box: consoles, cabinets, cases. Digging deeper, I saw sculptures, lighting, and more, all immediately recognizable, and covetable…

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Come 10 Cabinet

All images courtesy of the Cristina Grajales Gallery.


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