DesignCraft lives at the intersection of design, fine craft, and art. It’s design-driven, craft-based work that’s both functional and decorative. Rather than drawing lines between each of the traditional “disciplines”, DesignCraft is about finding the relationships between them.

The core of DesignCraft is the hand, and its relationship with material, whether it’s clay, glass, metal, paper, wood, fibre or some other material. (And when we say “the hand” we don’t exclude technological help.)

We love that there’s a tension, a give and take, between the hand and the material. It’s that tension that makes things interesting; it imbues the object with a certain magic. Design comes into it through the injection of a contemporary twist, a different way of solving a problem, and humor. And art? Well it’s about an idea. It’s about beauty. It’s about an edge. And it’s about the heart.

We believe that objects matter, that they help give meaning to our lives. We believe that we should stop talking about the differences between design, fine craft, and art, and the endless discussions about whether something is “good enough” to transcend these categories. We believe that craft and design and art are related: that in the right hands, great art is designed and great craft is art.

And it’s to those hands we dedicate a Handful of Salt.

One Response to DESIGNCRAFT101

  1. Rosemarie Pierman says:

    I love the dresses.

    How do I obtain the patterns.

    Thank you,

    Rosemarie Pierman
    3792 Hawksdale Court
    Stow OH 44224

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