“You’re doing print? Isn’t that dead? Are you crazy?”

We get this a lot. And the answers are: yes, no, and probably.

But here we are, in print.

We’re doing it because while we love the digital space, we believe that great work, design, and lives shouldn’t just be picked from and then tossed back into the digital slipstream. They need to be savored, pored over, dog-eared, passed around, read in the bath tub, or in the sun or at the gym.

And we’ve heard the same from more than a few of you: people who believe in the power of a physical object, of a more immersive experience, of the need to linger over the little things that make us more human.

That’s why we’re doing this.

Sound good? Purchase here.

Or check here for a stockist in your part of the world. Because we believe in supporting our local merchants.


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