Composure: Technique

By Kyle Studstill.

If we are to do our best work in the face of constant chaos and change, perhaps we must first hone our inner virtues as guidance. Composure produces an ongoing series of reflections, guided by creative works that foster specific kinds of perspective.

This week: technique.

Composure: Technique

Senpai + Kohai is a Philadelphia-based clothing brand with global influences. Process and technique are at the heart of their work, with each piece making use of at least one production method that comes from handcrafting traditions. Their namesake highlights the brand’s strong respect for craft, invoking a Japanese expression of balance between those who teach and those who learn.

Pia Panaligan

Pia Panaligan

Pia Panaligan, designer:

Senpai + Kohai is inspired by the hand craftsmanship that goes into creating garments, integrating traditional hand-craft techniques to create modern designs.

Today, many garments are manufactured by machines and in large quantities, which takes away from their quality. We produce our own garments and work closely with local manufacturers and seamstresses open to producing in small quantities. Our inspiration starts with the fabric and from there we take the influence of art and design from our travels, past and present, to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

We believe in the importance of environmentally-aware designs produced through fair trade. We not only want to show the importance of producing locally, developing relationships with artisans and crafters in our city, but that we plan on extending globally by bringing awareness to empower the community worldwide.

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